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July 1, 2015

Self Publishing Books Via Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing

Self Publishing BooksSelf publishing books used to be a dirty word. It was also known as Vanity Publishing because it was assumed that if you weren’t picked up by a traditional publisher the book must not be very good.

Not so!

The advent of Kindle Direct Publishing has given rise to a vibrant community of independent, or Indie, writers.

Through Amazon Kindle and other ereaders they are able to reach a whole world of readers that they never could have before.

Quality Is The Word

Quality Is The WordSelf publishing books was looked down upon in the past because it was a lazy writers way to get their book out.

When I say lazy I mean the writer didn’t produce a quality piece of work.

He was not picked up by a publishing house that had enough faith that anyone beside the writer would want to read it.

But, there were many great and famous writers and books who turned to self publishing as well.

Today this is the tradition that has continued with the Independent (Indie) publishing movement.

These writers wouldn’t think about publishing through a traditional publishing house. And there are even well established writers who are turning down book contracts to self publish their books.

So, if you have finished your novel, revised it over and over again, gotten book critiques and revised it yet again so that you are confident in presenting the reading public with a quality piece of fiction…

Let’s Get Started!

Let’s Get Started!The nice thing about self publishing books is that the profits are all yours.

However, all the work is too. Indie writers must wear many different hats to get their novels into the hands of their readers.

In this section we will introduce you to concepts, terminology and ideas you may not be familiar with we will talk about…

This is the moment you have been waiting for, publishing your book.


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