• Writer’s block is one of the biggest obstacles you will face as a writer. I know because I’m probably a lot like you. You see, I spent twenty years writing my first novel in the nooks and crannies of my busy day while I was working, going to school, raising a family and all the […]
  • Story writing can seem to be a very illusive thing when you are just getting started; something akin to catching a ghost in your hands. But you need to realize that there are a number of structural elements to writing a story that you need in place for it to actually be a good story. […]
  • How to write a story can sometimes be a confusing thing. You need to understand how to use plot and dialogue and point of view and so many other things. Here you will get a step by step plan to simplify all those things and make your life easier. Start With An Idea Since you […]
  • Dramatic monologue can be a very powerful literary device. It is frequently used with points of view where the narrator cannot possibly know the thoughts of another character. Sometimes it becomes necessary for a character to expound upon his thoughts as if he were standing behind a podium. But let’s face it. In reality how […]
  • People look for creativity techniques because they seem to think creativity is an elusive ghost. Some people have it and some people don’t. Or, if you have it, it comes and it goes when it wants. Not true. Everyone can learn to harness their own creative juices. Here are a couple insights into creativity and […]
  • Creative writing prompts are things that get the juices flowing when you just can’t seem to get started. One reason you may have trouble getting started is that you feel overwhelmed with the task of writing an entire novel. Well, you don’t have to write the whole thing at once. How Do You Eat An […]
  • Here are some great creative writing ideas to get you started, make the most of your time and maximize your productivity. Rewriting? No, Prewriting! Rewriting is very important. But, just as important is…prewriting. This is just what it says. Before you write a scene write out some notes about what you want to achieve in […]
  • Book clubs have always been a great resource for writers to reach their readers. But now, just like everything in the age of the internet, marketing to these clubs seems to be on steroids. In days past people in the same geographical location used to meet once a month to discuss a book. Now, people […]
  • Automatic writing is a way of harnessing your creativity by actively tapping your subconscious mind. Your subconscious is that part of your mind that generates all the answers to the questions you have about your novel. Or, anything else for that matter. Say You’ve Been Working on A Novel You want to portray the frustrations […]
  • How to write a novel and market it online

    The days of querying agents and editors and waiting years to get your big break are over. Now you can write the novel you’ve had inside you and then self publish your book in minutes!
Posted by Jim Conway
July 1, 2015

Wondering How To Become A Writer?

Wondering how to become a writer? Well, you’ve come to the right place. In this website you’ll find all sorts of information to do just that. You’ll learn things like… ·         How to use foreshadowing to create believable fiction ·         Why revision is the key to quality writing ·         How to create realistic dialogue ·         […]

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Posted by Jim Conway
July 1, 2015

Use Free E Books To Market Your Novel

Distributing free e books is one of the best ways to direct readers to your novel on the internet. Why? A couple of reasons. By giving something to someone it increases the likelihood that they will give you something in return. This is why groups like the Hari Krishnas hand out flowers. The other reason […]

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