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February 20, 2016

Introducing The Free Editor App From Reedsy

Looking for a free editor application to help professionally format your book? Then check out the new app from Reedsy.

Not familiar with Reedsy? Well, if you’re a writer, especially an Indie writer, you should be.

Reedsy is a company that provides all the services a publishing company would but to Indie writers. The website is very easy to use and writers can choose from a talent pool of 200 editors, copy editors and cover illustrators who were selected from a list of over 2,000 applicants. Reedsy is highly selective and only provides the best for their writers, some of their free lancers even worked on New York Times best sellers. So it makes sense that they are an affiliate of ours.

With the free editor application that they have just rolled out you can publish a professionally designed book that’s instantly available for both physical and digital distribution.

The free editor app is a tool that takes care of the formatting and conversion even before you finish writing. With this application you can export ePub files for uploading to ebookstores, or typeset print-ready PDF files that can be sent instantly to print-on-demand services.

So What Is This Free Editor App?

Well, it took thousands of hours, and countless iterations on design and code to create, so let’s take a look at it.

To format a book, authors will only be using our style-guide toolbar. Here is what it looks like:

free editor 1

Not only can writers write their books within the word processor function of this free editor app, they can also invite other writers or editors to collaborate on manuscripts in real time without having to use e-mail. Everything is stored securely on Reedsy’s servers.

Quite simply, Reedsy is the world’s best place to find and collaborate with the best talent the book industry has to offer.free editor 2

There are currently two book templates available to choose from, one for fiction and one for non-fiction, with more coming in the months ahead.

Here is an example of a professionally formatted book produced by the free editor app from Reedsy in a matter of moments.book editor 3


Once you export your book you can use it for digital distribution to places like Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing, Apple iBooks, Kobo Writing Life, etc.

Those writers who want a more customized product can hire a book interior designer via the Reedsy marketplace.

So Where Can I Get Access To This Free Book Editor?

Simply log in to your Reedsy account, create a new book and start writing!

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