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How To Create An Ebook In Three Easy Steps
July 1, 2015

How To Create An Ebook In Three Easy Steps

How To Create An EbookWondering how to create an ebook? In this section of the site you will find all you need to know.

Step 1: DO Judge A Book By It’s Cover

DO Judge A Book By It’s CoverWe all know we’re not supposed to judge a book by it’s cover, right?

Well, the truth of the matter is people DO judge books by their covers and the cover art is THE most important thing to consider when creating your ebook.

The cover should be eye catching and suggest what the reader will find inside. You can find plenty of good quality, low cost cover artists here.

How To Create An Ebook Step 2 & 3: Kindle Direct Publishing

How To Create An Ebook Step 2 & 3: Kindle Direct PublishingOnce you have a cover go to Kindle Direct Publishing and open an account.

Once you’ve done that you will see the home page.

  • Click on the orange “add new title” button.

Now you’re on the first page of your two step publishing process.

They ask if you want to enroll your book in KDP Select. Click yes.

Just What Is KDP Select?

Just What Is KDP Select?
KDP Select is a marketing tool that I recommend using.

It limits your book to being sold exclusively on Amazon which you might think is a drawback.

It isn’t.

Amazon is the biggest game in town so it really doesn’t limit you that much. Plus, it allows you to do some neat marketing things.

We will discuss this .

Continue To Enter The Details Of Your Book

Continue To Enter The Details Of Your BookWhen you get to “Target Your Book To Customers “select some categories that you think your book fits into. This is a very important part of your marketing. We will talk about this as well in more depth later.

Next you will enter some keywords.

Keywords are words and phrases that people type into search engines to find what they are looking for.

If your book is a romance type romance in, if your book is a western type that in for now. We will talk about the importance of keywords and subtitles in another article.

Now, keep scrolling down and upload your cover art.

Next, upload your book content.

Now preview it.


FormattingDepending on the day, and which way the wind is blowing, the formatting of your book may look fine when you preview it…or it may not.

Formatting is actually the biggest issue with e-publishing. I use formatting software that I got when I joined The Number One Book System.

I highly recommend joining this club, it will prove to be very valuable marketing tool over time.

Hit Save…

Hit Saveand continue on to the Rights & Pricing screen.

Keep following the step by step instructions.

I suggest choosing worldwide rights.

I also suggest the 35% royalty percentage and a book price of .99 for brand new authors.

We will talk about this more in depth later.

Now hit save and publish and you will be able to find your book on Amazon in 24-48 hours.

And that is how to create an ebook.

For more information on how to write, publish and market your novel online, click here.

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