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How to Become a Writer with E-novel Advisor?

Many people dream of becoming a successful writer someday. While a limited few start that journey and ultimately achieve their dreams, others face all sorts of obstacles and quit or, even worse, they don’t know how to begin, and give up before even getting started. That’s why E-novel Advisor is here to guide you in your journey to become the novelist you always dream of being. Here you’ll find a dedicated team of professionals including editors and writers from around the world to provide the book critiques you need to help you in making your novel writing dream a reality.

Tips to Become a Writer with E-novel Advisor!!

Why Writer’s Fail?

Approximately 92% of the published books don’t succeed every year. What you may find more surprising is the fact that most authors are responsible for sabotaging the work unknowingly. The problem is that most inexperienced writers do not possess a fundamental understanding of the story writing, and book marketing process. Just like you cannot build your own home without first gaining an insight into it, you cannot produce a successful novel without the necessary knowledge and skill.

Creative Writing Assistance

E-novel Advisor provides novel writing guidance, book critique and publishing assistance to aspiring novelists of all levels of experience. Here you will gain insight and get help with every aspect of writing, publishing and marketing a novel: brainstorming, character sketch, literary techniques, plot structure, story structure, editing, book critique, mentoring, formatting and, last but not least, cover design. Because, even though you’re not supposed to judge a book by its cover, people always do.

You may be looking for help on how to write a novel or creative writing exercises, and creative writing activities to get back on track. Or, perhaps you have just completed a manuscript and are about to publish your very first book. Regardless of what your case may be, E-novel Advisor is the place you will find all the answers you need on your novel writing journey.

How to Become a Writer?

E-novel Advisor is the place you can acquire the knowledge you need by following a step by step story writing and book marketing procedure. Successful story writing is a process and goes through numerous steps including the insight and advice of other writers. The writing process requires the expertise of a number of individuals, from mentors, editors and other writers who provide book critiques to help you get the job done correctly. The question is where can you find these people? This is where E-novel Advisor comes to the rescue. Time is the most valuable asset you have. Instead of searching through the sea of people online to get the job done, save your time and reach out to us!

You may feel overwhelmed right now. That’s understandable. Writing a novel can be a daunting task and marketing one is just as big. But this is where E-novel Advisor comes in. Here you will find everything you need to avoid wasted time and frustration and join the 8% of novelists who enjoy successful writing careers.

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