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Creative Writing Prompts To Avoid Procrastination
July 1, 2015

Creative Writing Prompts To Avoid Procrastination

Creative Writing PromptsCreative writing prompts are things that get the juices flowing when you just can’t seem to get started.

One reason you may have trouble getting started is that you feel overwhelmed with the task of writing an entire novel.

Well, you don’t have to write the whole thing at once.

How Do You Eat An Elephant?

How Do You Eat An Elephant?One bite at a time.

Break your task down into smaller tasks.

Start with something simple like outlining the plot. Break the story into the beginning, middle and end.

Do you know what you want to happen at the end? Great, write that down.

Now, what needs to happen to get to that situation? Write that down where you think it may need to happen.

Don’t worry if you don’t know the whole plot when you start. Creative writing promts more creative writing.

Just get something down, start thinking about it, start moving in the right direction.

Once you have run out of ideas for the plot. Put it aside, pull it out again next time you have something new to add.

Write A Character Sketch

Write A Character SketchYou are eventually going to need to fill that plot with characters. So, you might as well start developing those.

  • Who is your main character?
  • What is his or her name?
  • Does that name portray who they are?

For example, Breckenridge Van Beck might come from a long line of East Coast Preppies. Lucius Frink might be a bookie on the South Side of Chicago.

Slowly piece your characters together. Don’t feel that you have to have everything at the same time. Again, creative writing prompts more creative writing.

Write A Scene

Write A SceneStart by writing a single scene.

What is the setting? A New England fishing village or the kitchen table of a Michigan farmhouse?

What characters are involved?

What pieces of dialogue would they use?

Again, don’t feel that you have to have the complete scene by the time you’re done. You will just have part of it.

And, don’t feel that you need to have that scene completed before you move on to the next one.

Jump around.

Put together a scene from the end of the novel one day and the middle the next

The trick to writing is to just get something down on paper or in your word processor.

It doesn’t have to be great, it doesn’t have to be good. It doesn’t even have to be complete.

But, it does have to be started.

Remember, creative writing prompts more creative writing.

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