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A Character Map To Create Fictional Characters
July 1, 2015

A Character Map To Create Fictional Characters

Does creating a fictional character have you a little lost? That’s where a character map comes in handy.

Every writer needs a map to point them in the right direction.

One of the best places to start mapping out who your characters are… or will become… is with archetypes.

He’s A Character, By Jove!

ArchetypesThese are characters who personify the fundamental groups we all fall into, such as the Greek gods.

You know that smooth talking ladies man? Well his archetype is Dionysus.

Or, how about that jock that used to pick on you in High School? Well, he’s Ares.

Now it’s your turn.

Your story might call for a villain. Hmm? Maybe that villain needs to be a mother…the matriarch of a family, let’s say.

Hera, the wife of Zeus and mother of many of the gods, was known for her jealous and vengeful nature. Sound like a good place to start?

But How Do I Make My Characters Seem Real?

Archetypes are a great place to start. But you will need to flesh your characters out to make them more real.

One of the best ways to do this is to develop a list of traits that each character has.

Perhaps you want to portray a character who is a white middle age stock broker.

OK, let’s do it.

What kind of traits do you imagine he has?

Well, he’s in the money business so he’s probably interested in the economy. He might just be a conservative too.

These thoughts and attitudes are reflected in his dress. A suit and tie at work and slacks and a shirt, a collared shirt, when relaxing at the club.

Continue developing your character map by writing out the following:

·         Height & weight

·         Sex

·         Hair

·         Dress

·         Body type

The list can go on and on and on. The more detailed you are the more detailed your map is.

So How Do I Know Which Traits To Choose ?

Well, start with the end in mind. What job do you want your characters to do?

Are they a hero or antagonist, sidekicks or walk-ons you will only see once?

A lot of these decisions won’t be made at one time. You’ll gather bits and pieces as you slowly find your way through uncharted territory.

You will overhear someone say something clever that fits with the character. Or, you will see someone with an interesting physical feature.

Take your time, enjoy yourself and take a look at the following pages for more information to help you develop your character map.

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