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July 1, 2015

Online Book Clubs Are A Great Marketing Venue For Novelists

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Book clubs have always been a great resource for writers to reach their readers. But now, just like everything in the age of the internet, marketing to these clubs seems to be on steroids.

In days past people in the same geographical location used to meet once a month to discuss a book.

Now, people from around the globe meet twenty four hours a day, seven days a week to discuss their favorite books.

As a writer and a fellow book lover you should be participating.

Forum Marketing


This type of marketing is referred to as forum marketing.

The idea behind forum marketing is that people make purchases based on recommendations from people they know and trust.

This technique has been used by internet marketers for years.

Now, as Indie Writers must also be their own marketing department, forum marketing in these clubs is becoming a common technique.

No Peddlers Allowed In Book Clubs

sleazy sales man

Now, you might be thinking that forum marketing is a little sneaky… even a little sleazy.

Well, life is what you make it.

If you are sneaky and sleazy then your marketing efforts will be as well.

But, you don’t have to be.

The way to market is to be yourself.

Join a book club or clubs of your choice and just start posting. Don’t try to sell your book. This isn’t a short term tactic. Just talk about the book you are reading and make friends. This is a strategy for the long haul.

Certainly, you can make occasional references to your book, just as you might in a natural conversation. But, that’s not the main focus.

As people get to know you and your tastes they will trust your judgment on book recommendations. Soon they will start clicking on the link to your book in your signature line at the bottom of your posts.

Here are some of the major book clubs for you to get started on.


good readsThis is a major social networking site that revolves around books. It became so successful that it was acquired by Amazon. On Goodreads you can…

  • Upload all the books you’ve read or that are in your library and allow other people to look at them.
  • Rate books that you have read and make recommendations for your further reading.
  • Post reviews of books you’ve read.
  • Join a wide variety of groups to discuss your various literary interests.
ebook social media


This site was formerly known as Kindleboards and focuses specifically on users of Amazon Kindle and readers of Kindle books.

Both Goodreads and Kboards have a lot of good stuff to discover. Check them out.

I’m Here, I’m Here…No You’re Not

Remember, you are not there to actively and overtly draw attention to yourself. If you jump around trying to get everyone to buy your book you will probably be kicked out.

Just settle into these book clubs like you would an overstuffed leather chair by the fire. Make friends. Talk books. Over time you will gain readers.


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