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July 1, 2015

The Writers Market Is What You Make It

writers market The writers market used to be what you were told agents were looking to sell or publishers were looking to buy.

This is because they had limited channels of distribution compared to today.

The Only Place You Could Sell Books Was In A Store

The Only Place You Could Sell Books Was In A StoreWithin that store were a wide variety of people…all with specific interests.

One person had a passion for pre-Cambrian Flora and another might pick up a Gay/Lesbian sci-fi romance just because it was unique.

But, selling books to that small of a market is uneconomical.

So, they only took chances on books that fell into large marketing genres like Romance, Fantasy, Science Fiction etc.

And large genres have lots of writers who are competing for the same readers.

It’s very hard to break into that writers market.

Create Your Own Tightly Focused Target Market

Create Your Own Tightly Focused Target MarketI’m pretty sure there is at least one person in each town in the world who might not be looking for, but would read, a Gay/Lesbian sci-fi romance.

But, no one is writing to that market because it is, supposedly, too small.

But a small writers market is easier to break into, isn’t it?

And, on a planet of six billion people even a small market becomes a…hmm…very large writers market.

A Small Piece Of A Big Pie

A Small Piece Of A Big PieIt doesn’t matter how narrow your niche is. If you wrote it someone is looking to read it.

And, if you are selling your book via Kindle for .99 a download don’t you think the odds are that someone and a few hundred thousand of his brothers might take a chance on downloading it?

It is your job as the indie author, publisher and marketer to find that audience.

Or, Have Them Find You…

Or, Have Them Find YouThere are any number of places to find people with specific interests on the internet; forums, E-zines, website etc.

But rather than looking to find these people wouldn’t it be better if they searched you out?

Every day millions, if not billions, of people are using search engines to search for a wide variety of things.

All those search words and phrases (called keywords) are collected into data bases like Word Tracker.

Keyword Research Is The Key To Reaching Your Readers

Keyword Research Is The Key To Reaching Your ReadersFor example, you can find out how many times people searched the topic of teen pregnancy in a month.

Let’s say its 11,000 times a month.

That is 11,000 people who might be interested in buying a novel about teen pregnancy. Isn’t it?

What are the main themes of your novel: Sixteenth Century Dutch Painting, Scuba Diving in Belize, Gay/Lesbian sci-fi romance?

Do a keyword search and use keywords that are related to your themes in your book title.

Better yet, if you are just starting to write, write the book around popular keyword searches.

The fact that you have published your book via Kindle and have an Amazon book page will increase the chances because it lends more authority.

Pull Your Readers In Like A Magnet

Pull Your Readers In Like A MagnetAnother great way to attract people to your book is to develop a website.

If you have a Gay/Lesbian sci-fi romance novel to sell research related keywords and develop a unified theme around which to build a website called…I don’t know…Gaylexy Quest.

Yeah, I know, that was stupid. But you get the idea.

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