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July 1, 2015

The Story Generator In Your Subconscious Mind

Story GeneratorLooking for a story generator, a machine you can just dump a bunch of ideas into and it will spit out a story?

Well, you’re in luck because, little do you know, but you possess not only the greatest generator of stories but the greatest problem solving computer in the world.

Ever wonder how Thomas Edison invented so many brilliant things?

Or, how about Beethoven composing so many great symphonies?

They would consciously think about the problem at hand before going to bed and the answer would come to them in their sleep.

Sound Too Good To Be True?

Sound Too Good To Be True? I didn’t believe it until I learned how to put my subconscious mind to work in my writing.

There has been a lot of talk about how writing is hard work, because it is.

But it doesn’t have to be nearly as hard as people make it.

I remember struggling for weeks  trying to solve a plot problem or how to portray some dialogue or any number of things.

I tried really hard, got really frustrated and, finally, gave up.

I would quit writing for a few days or weeks vowing never to write again.

that’s when the story generator kicked in. Inevitably, each and every time, the answer came to me when I wasn’t even thinking of it.

The Three Headed Monster

The Three Headed MonsterThis is because, while you only have one brain you actually have three minds.

You’ve got the conscious mind which is good for knowing when to take the garbage out, watch football games, write reports etc.

You’ve also got a subconscious mind which regulates blood pressure, digestion, heart beat and even takes care of driving when you’ve had too much to drink. Hmm.

It is capable of handling much more than your conscious mind.

The unconscious mind is in direct contact with what the great Swiss psychologist, Carl Jung, called the universal subconscious, the place we go when we dream, the place where all the answers exist.

Users Manual For Your Mind

Users Manual For Your MindNow the way to use it as a story generator is to think about your story.

How do I make a villain that everyone hates? How do I best portray the love of a grandfather for his granddaughter?  It’s up to you.

Really concentrate on these things.

For any number of things you will be able to figure it out with your conscious mind.

But, for the bigger things, you won’t and the more you think about it the deeper that seed is planted into your subconscious.

Next step is you just forget about it, go do something else.

In a number of hours, days, weeks or months the solution will dawn on you when you least expect it.

It may come in one lump sum answer or in little bits and pieces that you will put together like a puzzle.

But the answers will come.

Slowly or quickly your story will be generated almost out of thin air. And it will be a significantly better story than if you dumped in a plot and some characters and had some mindless machine generate a story for you.

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  1. destiny espinoza October 12, 2015 10:46 am

    Love it dont know how to work it that well


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