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Self Publishing Ebooks: The Two Biggest Secrets To Attracting Readers
July 1, 2015

Self Publishing Ebooks: The Two Biggest Secrets To Attracting Readers

Self Publishing EbooksSelf publishing ebooks and opportunity for aspiring writers go together like ice and cold, perfectly.  But because writers are just that, writers, most of them have a very limited understanding of how to market their books.

But, keep reading and I’ll give you the two biggest secrets to attracting readers.

Where’s Waldo?

Where’s Waldo?Remember those old Where’s Waldo pictures where you had to find Waldo out of a thousand other things.

When self publishing ebooks this is what you are facing. Your book is just one of thousands of others.

So you need to make it stand out.

Secret # 1: Build Your Book Around Keywords

Secret # 1: Build Your Book Around KeywordsWhat I’m telling you now isn’t well known.

If you haven’t started your book use Word Tracker to research keywords.

Determine what it should be about.

Let’s say your book is a Western. Write a list of words and phrases that are associated with Westerns: Deadwood, six shooter, outlaw, shootout, etc.

Now Enter Those Words Into Word Tracker

See what word searches might be associated with them.

Perhaps there are 10,000 searches a month for Deadwood but 175,000 searches for Culver City.

Maybe there are 20,000 searches a month for the word outlaw but 100,000 searches for the phrase blue eyed outlaw.

You may find 10,000 searches for the word shootout but 160,000 searches for the phrase shootout to end all shootouts.

Well instead of setting your book in Deadwood, South Dakota you should set it in Culver City, Nevada. The story should also revolve around a blue eyed outlaw and shootout of some kind.

Now, Work These Keywords Into The Title As Well

Now, Work These Keywords Into The Title As WellThe Blue Eyed Outlaw and the Culver City Shootout to end all Shootouts

Hmm? Well you get the idea.

Why should you do this?  Because these are the things that people are searching for, that’s why.

By placing your story in Culver City you have 165,000 more potential readers.

By making the main character a blue eyed outlaw instead of just any outlaw you have 80,000 more potential readers a month.

By making it a shootout to end all shootouts you have an additional 150,000 potential readers a month.

That’s a total of 395,000 more readers a month than you might have had if you hadn’t done the research.

Secret # 2: Develop A Website

Secret # 2: Develop A WebsiteNext you need a website that attracts the type of people who are interested in reading your books.

Perhaps it’s a website about the history of the Old West. Maybe it’s a website dedicated to famous outlaws or great shootouts. Who knows?

The point is that those topics are likely to attract people who are likely to click on an ad for your book.

The one thing I know that it’s not about is western novels.


If you are looking to attract people who are looking to buy a western novel they don’t care which western novel it is. This brings in all sorts of competition and then you are playing Where’s Waldo again.

By developing a website about something indirectly related to your book there will be no competition. It’s just like selling music CDs at the checkout of Starbucks rather than a music store.

As I said before, most writers aren’t marketers.

When self publishing ebooks they are still competing with each other and trying to figure it out.

If you do just one of these things you will be well ahead of your competition.

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