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A Marketing Plan Template For E Books
July 1, 2015

A Marketing Plan Template For E Books

A Marketing Plan TemplateUse this marketing plan template as the foundation of a highly focused marketing plan for your e book.

Step 1: People Do Judge A Book By Its Cover

People Do Judge A Book By Its CoverYour cover art must be intriguing and indicative of your subject matter. Click here to find a wide variety of cover artists for your book.

Closely related to the book cover is the title.

It must tell the reader exactly what they are buying. Novel titles can afford to be a bit mysterious. But must give the reader an idea of what to expect.

If you think your title is perfect for your book but too vague use a subtitle.

What are the various subjects of the book; romance, Denmark, South African wineries, Gospel music, murder? Take those words and do some keyword research.

Find out what keywords are popular and weave those into your title or subtitle. I can’t emphasize how important this step is.

Step 2: Get Reviews

Get ReviewsThere are two ways to do this. Make a round of all the book review blogs you can find. Send them an e-mail requesting them to review your book.

Keep reading for the second way to do this.

Step 3: Create A Website

Create A WebsiteThis is an extremely important part of the marketing plan template!

The website is an engine that drives traffic to your book.

The vast majority of websites on the internet receive little or no traffic. This is because most people don’t know how to develop a website that people are looking for.

Click here if you want to develop a traffic generating website. Step 2 and 3 should be done at the same time.

Step 4: Do A Book Launch

Do A Book LaunchNow that you’ve got some reviews and you’re developing your website it is time to do a book launch.

A book launch is a specific period of time in which you get the word out to readers that your book will be available. Usually about two weeks.

I suggest using Amazon Prime to give your book away for free. This will get your book into the hands of thousands of readers who will promote it by word of mouth.

It will also generate more book reviews.

Step 5: Before You Launch Your Book

Before You Launch Your BookBefore you start your book launch join as many subject related forums as you can.

What are some of the themes in your book?

If your book is about ice sailing? Join a forum on that. Does the main character have a passion for military miniatures? Join a forum on that.

Break your book down into as many themes as possible and join those types of forums.

Don’t sell, just make friends with the people. The rule of thumb is to post three times before you mention that your book will be free on such and such a date.

Step 6: Tell Everyone In The World

Tell Everyone In The WorldContact the indie book review blogs and let them know to tell their readers when your book will be free.

There are websites that specialize in announcing free e books to their readers. Contact as many of these as possible. Click here for a few of these sites.

Announce to all your friends on Facebook when your book will be going free.

If you feel overwhelmed by all this work, don’t. You can outsource it. At fiverr.com you can find people to do just about anything for $5.

Step 7: Use This Marketing Plan Template Over Again

Once you launch your book you should see it climb steadily in sales, even after it is not free.

However, it won’t last long.

Each step of this marketing plan template is fundamental to success. But you must repeat this process over and over every few months.

It is also important to join a support group like Number One Book System. Here you will get high quality support and advice on a wide variety of other strategies.

For more information on how to write, publish and market your novel online, click here.

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