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July 1, 2015

How To Publish A Book And Market It On Your Own

How To Publish A BookWondering how to publish a book now that it’s finished?

Well it is a lot easier these days that it used to be. But once it’s published how do you get it to sell? That’s the real question.

This article covers a step by step process to show you how, not only, to publish your book, but, make sure people buy it.

Make Sure Of The Quality

Make Sure Of The QualityAs more and more things in this world are outsourced, having a variety of critiques of your book can be a low cost alternative to hiring an editor. What is better, one paid critique or a number of free ones?

My favorite site for critiques is Critique Circle.

Once you are sure of your books quality it’s time for…

Cover Art

Cover ArtThis is an exciting step in how to publish a book.

Your book’s cover is its public face to the world. You want the cover art to portray what the reader is getting.

If your book is a steampunk novel about astronauts during the French Revolution then you want the cover to suggest this.

Click here to find a cover artist.

Kindle Direct Publishing

Kindle Direct PublishingNow that you’re sure of your book’s quality and you have a cover, it’s time to publish.

Go to KDP and follow the easy step by step instructions. Once you upload your book it will take a day or two for you to see it on Amazon.

This is a very easy process.

But, if you do have a problem, it might be with formatting which leads us to the next step.

The Number One Book System

This is a mastermind group for writers and book marketers. You can skip this step. It’s not necessary but, it’s very helpful.

With admission to NOBS you can purchase software that will help to format your book.

I would highly recommend NOBS and the software they provide.


ReviewsIf you’re wondering how to publish a book, reviews are essential.

There are a wide variety of book review sites on the internet. Simply send them a request for a review with a description of your book. It may take some weeks and months, but more often than not, they will be glad to help.

If you want to jump to the head of the line and contact Amazon’s top ranked reviewers, click here.

Build A Platform

Build A PlatformBooks are like locomotives, it takes some effort to get them going. But, once you do they keep going under their own power.

For your long term marketing efforts you need to build a platform. This keeps the steam going.

The best way to do this is to build a website.

Non fiction writers have an advantage over fiction writers. If their book is about building handmade fly rods then that is what their site is about.

Fiction writers must choose a topic that is somehow related to their book. Did you write a romance set in Scotland? Then build a website about vacationing in Scotland. Or, something like that.

This will drive traffic to your book as well as generate money for more marketing efforts.

Think about it. Most writers don’t have much of a marketing budget. If you build a website that is generating ten, twenty or thirty thousand dollars of passive revenue a year that is a pretty large marketing budget. Isn’t it?

Click here for an easy, step by step way to build a successful website.


For more information on how to write a novel, how to publish a book and market it online, click here.

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