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July 1, 2015

Use Free E Books To Market Your Novel

 E BooksDistributing free e books is one of the best ways to direct readers to your novel on the internet.


A couple of reasons.

By giving something to someone it increases the likelihood that they will give you something in return. This is why groups like the Hari Krishnas hand out flowers.

The other reason is that by distributing free books dramatically increases your presence on the internet. More eyeballs will see your name and more people will click on your book link.

So How Do I Do It?

So How Do I Do It?The nice thing about e books is that a work of any length can be considered a book.

So write a few short stories that showcase your talent as a writer. This will be the bait you use to catch readers.

At the end of the short story give them a link back to the book you want to sell. If they like your writing they’ll probably buy your book.

Now let’s see how we will use this bait.

Article Marketing

Article MarketingWhat is your novel about?

Is it a historical romance set in Scotland or a cop story in the South Side of Chicago?

Whatever it is it will have a number of themes.

Perhaps fly fishing figures prominently in the historical romance. Maybe Chicago Style hot dogs are an important part of that South Side cop story.

Make a list of your themes.

Now take this list of words and run them through a keyword search like word tracker. You will get a list of keyword phrases that people are looking for on the search engines.

For example one of your themes is fly fishing. You type that word into word tracker and get a list of keywords like fly fishing in Canada, fly fishing resorts, fly fishing hot spots etc.

Now write as many 400 to 600 word articles around that keyword as you can think of.

Publish each one on a site like ezine articles. At the bottom of the article you can write about who you are and what you do as well as linking to a website.

Readers are already interested in your subject matter. So give them a link back to your free e-book that has more about that subject matter.

When they get to the end of the free e book they’ll see the link to your novel.

You can also distribute your free e books directly using a service like this one.

Another Strategy

Another StrategyAnother strategy for using free e books to increase your market presence is to occasionally give the book that you are selling away for free.

Amazon prime is an arrangement between Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) and book publishers that allows them to give away books for free for up to 5 days every 90 days in exchange for being exclusive to Amazon.

The way you advertise this is by announcing this to your friends on Facebook as well as a host of sites that advertise free books to their readers. Here are just a few.

This will get your book into the hands of thousands of readers and you will start generating word of mouth advertising.


For more advice on how to write, publish and market your novel online, click here.

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