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July 1, 2015

Epublishing: A Brief Guide For Writers

EpublishingEpublishing is drastically changing the face of the publishing industry. Rather than waiting to be published by someone else you can do it yourself.

But, being a publisher is a lot different than being a writer. So, here’s a brief guide of what you need to know.

Cover Art

Marketing Your EbookCover art has always been one of the most important pieces of publishing. Regardless of the saying, people will buy or not buy your book based on what it looks like.

So get it right!

If your book is a Western you don’t want some Avant Garde or Sci-Fi looking cover. The cover must show what the reader will be getting.


The same goes for the title. Non-fiction titles must communicate the subject matter directly. Tell the reader what problem the book solves.

Titles for fiction can be a bit more provocative. But they must still communicate the essence of the book.

What is your book about?

Do some keyword research and find out what similar words people are looking for and weave those into your title.Title

Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing

Kindle Direct Publishing or KDP as its commonly called is one of the most popular epublishing venues.

It is very easy to use and takes a matter of minutes. Then your book will be available on Amazon in a day or two.

Book Reviews 

Book Reviews Reviews are just as important as the book cover and title. You want to get good reviews, so write a good book. If you are uncertain of the quality of your book join a writer’s feedback group like Critique Circle.

Once you have begun epublishing there are a couple ways to get reviews. There are a wide variety ofbook review blogs where you can request a review. Send a request to as many as possible.

You can also use the marketing technique of giving your book away for free. There are websites that will announce your free book. The more people who download your book the more chances for reviews.

Understanding Your Amazon Book Page

Understanding Your Amazon Book PageAfter you’ve published your book you will have a book page. As you scroll down you will see your cover. You will also see your book description. This must be a short and to the point description that intrigues the reader and prompts him to buy.

Below that is the “Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought” section. The more books there are in this section the better. It means you are showing up on their book pages and more eyes will be seeing you.

The most important information is the Amazon Best Sellers Rank under Product Details. This will give you your sales rank. Use this calculator to get an idea of how many books your competitors are selling a day.

Marketing Your Ebook

Marketing Your EbookAs I said before, being a publisher is different from being a writer. When you are epublishing you must put your marketing hat on. Unfortunately, most writers don’t have marketing hats.

Fortunately, there’s help.

Join a book marketer’s support group like Number One Book System. Here you will find a lot of very savvy book marketers who share what works and what doesn’t.

You will also want to create a website that drives traffic to your book. Don’t know how to do that? No sweat. Neither did I. Site Build It will give you step by step instructions on how to create a great website that generates lot’s of traffic.

For more information on how to write, publish and market your novel online, click here.

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