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July 1, 2015

Ebook Marketing And The Changing Writer’s Market

ebooksEbook marketing has dramatically changed the publishing industry.

Marketing for printed books remains, for the most part, limited to traditional venues.

But there are a wide variety of new avenues for marketing ebooks that aren’t available for physical books.

The Market Is Growing

According to the Pew Research center in 2012 21% of adult Americans said that they had read an e-book in the past year which was up from 17% in 2011 and the numbers are expected to keep rising.

“Those who have taken the plunge into reading e-books stand out in almost every way from other kinds of readers…Compared with other book readers, they read more books…and they are more likely than others to say they prefer to purchase books in general, often starting their search online.”

Day by day sales of ebook readers are increasing and more and more readers are moving from printed to digital material.

It Just Makes Sense

Is it cheaper to buy each child in school an ebook reader that has a thousand books on it for a couple hundred dollars or to build a library and then buy a thousand physical books for a couple of million?

Would you rather carry 4 books from class to class or 1 book reader?

Would you rather have a room full of books that cost you $10, $15, $20 or one book reader that cost a hundred or so with access to thousands of books for .99?

But, Just How Do I Reach These Readers?

But, Just How Do I Reach These Readers?Because of the electronic nature of ebooks there are a variety of ebook marketing tricks that are unique to ebooks as opposed to print.

You can drive traffic from all over the world to your book through websites, forums, facebook, twitter, keywords and a wide variety of blogs that specialize in reviewing indie writers.

In this section of E-Novel-Advisor.com you will learn

  • Why letting your book go “free” is a good strategy for increasing book sales.
  • How to create a web page and its importance in marketing your novel
  • About Amazon Kindle, free books and the importance of giving to receive
  • Where to find a cover artist

I will also give you a step by step marketing plan template to successfully market your book


For more information on how to write, publish and market your novel online click here.

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