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Some Creative Writing Tips To Overcome Frustration
July 1, 2015

Some Creative Writing Tips To Overcome Frustration

Some Creative Writing TipsFor some creative writing tips might mean how use dialogue or point of view. But I would like to offer some tips of a different sort.

I have learned the following things over many years.

If you follow my advice you will be a lot happier and the words will start flowing a lot more freely.


RelaxFor some reason most people approach the act of writing with a certain level of pretension. This doesn’t happen with, say, riding a bike, swimming or even playing an instrument.

This must be a side effect of all the grammatical rules we were forced to learn as children. Or the fact that words only have one spelling and you must spell it exactly.

Just relax, enjoy yourself and have fun. You’re writing a novel. It’s an adventure/vacation/holiday for your mind.

Don’t Be Afraid To Suck…

Don’t Be Afraid To SuckThis is related to being relaxed.

People assume that everything that they write must be perfect the first time they write it. Not so.

When we read something we only read the finished product, not all the mistakes that went into it.

I have said this before, but it bears repeating. No one can hear you writing badly in the next room. You don’t have to show it to anyone until you are completely satisfied with it.

If you take piano lessons you have a fairly good idea you are not going to be good at first.  Right? And, no one learns to swim by thinking they can do it already. So, what’s so different about writing?

Don’t Compare Yourself To Other Writers

Don't Compare Yourself To Other WritersCompare yourself to how far you have come.

The urge to compare yourself to other writers is due to the fact that it was they who inspired you to write.

But, remember, they’ve been doing it for a lifetime before you read their book

If you compare your writing after a week, a month, a year to someone whose been doing it for twenty years you will just get disappointed.

Judge your progress by comparing your current writing to your past writing. This will encourage you to continue because you see how much better you’re getting.

There’s Strength In Numbers

There's Strength In NumbersWith the advent of the internet it is extremely easy to find people with similar interests.

Go to Meetup.com and find a writers group in your area.

Or, perhaps you live on a desert island, then go to Critiquecircle.com.

Here you will find writers of all skill levels from all over the world. You can critique their writing and get your writing critiqued as well.

Kindleboards.com is dedicated to writers and readers of ebooks. Here you will be able to join in a wide variety of discussions.

I have offered some creative writing tips in hopes that you don’t get as frustrated as I used to. Take my advice and I think you will be much happier.

For more some more creative writing tips on how to write, publish and market your novel online, click here.

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