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July 1, 2015

Creative Writing Exercises To Study The Writers You Like

Step1: Get A Notebook And A Short Story Or Novel ChapterUse these creative writing exercises to study the writers you like the most.

And, when I say study them, I mean really study them. Pull apart the plot, the scenes, the dialogue everything to see exactly what they did.

In this article you will get a step by step process to actually put you into the head of the writer.

Step1: Get A Notebook And A Short Story Or Novel Chapter

On the first line of the notebook write Device. Then write the name of whatever literary device you want to study.

It could be characterization, dialogue, setting, description, anything you want to focus on.

On the next line write Problem of the author. Follow this with what you think the author was trying to do. For example:

  • Was he trying to portray a specific emotion?
  • Was he trying to communicate a specific idea?
  • It could be that he was simply trying to get the reader to believe the narrator.

Next, you will write Clipping. Now write out a brief section of the story you are dissecting. If you are studying dialogue it will be dialogue. If you are studying description it will be…oh, you get the point.

Next you will write Author’s solution. Now write down your thoughts on how the author achieved his goal and overcame the problem.


Yeah, I Know, It’s Not Rocket Science.

Yeah, I Know, It’s Not Rocket Science.But, what this process enables you to do is to focus on a very small part of the big picture.

By doing this you will begin to understand what is really going on. You will realize that this writer had the same kinds of problems that you do and that he overcame them just as you will. It will put you in the writer’s head.

Next you will write Effect upon the reader: followed by, you guessed it, what effect it had on the reader.

Again, this process forces you to focus, focus, focus.

Moving down the page you will write Comments: followed by, oh, you’re one step ahead of me? Yes, whatever comments you have on the writing.

Finally, and this is the real value of this of this exercise, you will write…

Creative Writing Exercises:

Creative Writing Exercises:Now take a small section of the writer’s writing and rewrite it in different ways. However, you want.

These creative writing exercises allow you to see how writing changes when you change the shape of the sentence or paragraph or trade out description for dialogue.

Have fun with it.

These creative writing exercises are so simple that they may be easily ignored.

Don’t do that!

The power of these exercises lies in their simplicity. Use this format over and over again for a wide variety of literary devices and writers and, pretty soon, you will find your writing getting better.

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