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November 1, 2015

Best Selling Books Secret # 1: Book Magnets

One of the secrets to best selling books on the internet is that they use a little trick called a book magnet. Never heard of this? Well, keep reading. You’re in for an eye opener.

The term boobest-seller-158885_1280k magnet is taken from the world of internet marketing and revised slightly for the internet publishing world. You see internet marketers have long used a lead generating technique called a lead magnet.

A lead magnet is something that a marketer offers a potential customer in order to pique his interest and get his email address.

For example, if you are selling rose seeds you may offer a free guide on growing roses to a potential customer. You know that only people who are potentially interested in your product will click on your free guide and be willing to give you their email address.

These customers are, as they say in the sales world, qualifying themselves. They are saying, “I’m interested in growing roses not in car engines or knitting needles, and I might be interested in buying some rose seeds eventually”.


If You Want Your Books To Be Best Selling Books, Use A Book Magnet

So now, let’s convert this concept to the book publishing world. What do you think is one major difference of best selling books and those that don’t sell anything? Well, one thing would be that the best selling books have an audience to sell to wouldn’t it?

Sounds pretty obvious, but it’s true. If you don’t have an audience or market to buy your books you will not make it too far as a writer.

So let’s see exactly how this works.

You want to use something that a potential reader of yours might find interesting. If you have a series of books this would be offering them to download one of those books for free. If you only have one book you could offer the first portion of that book for free.

The potential reader reads a description of the book and is interested enough to give you his email address to download the book.

Bingo!downloading success-961797_1920

Now you have a reader who may prove to be a long time reader. At the end of the book you will provide a link to another of your books and , based on his interest in the book he just read, he may buy your next book and so on and so on and so on.

The other benefit this technique has in cultivating best selling books is that you now have this reader’s contact information so that you can send him an email letting him know when you’ve finished your latest book. This sure beats waiting around for him to find you again, doesn’t it?

If you would like more information on how to write a novel, publish it and market it online, click here.

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